Ex-Display - BeefEater 120L Outdoor Single Door Fridge

Ex-Display - BeefEater 120L Single Door Fridge (BS28130)

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Designed for the harsh Australian climate, BeefEater's range of outdoor display fridges have the power to keep your drinks perfectly chilled on even the hottest days. Design specifications include:

  • 120L single door outdoor fridge
  • Dimensions 55.5 x 49.5 x 85 CM
  • Designed for outdoor use, the BeefEater cabinet has been tested to 43°C in the shade and has a 304 grade stainless steel finish, having been tested in the harsh Australian climate.
  • The insulated and heated double glazed glass doors allow you to see all of your drinks at a glance while the heated door prevents condensation for even better viasibility.
  • IPX4 rated - the cabinet is protected against splashes of water for at least 5 minutes, making it perfect for use within a built-in outdoor kitchen.
  • The external electronic controls allow you to set the temperature for your cabinet at the touch of a button with a temperature range of 0°C - 10°C.
  • Front venting also allows your BeefEater fridge to be properly built-in and integrated seamlessly into outdoor kitchen cabinetry.

Product Info

  • Solid or Glass Door
    Choose your one piece seamless door frame with a solid stainless steel finish (if you have food storage in mind), or, if you like to immediately see what you have in your fridge, then go for the glass door option.
  • Right or Left Hinged
    Whether you're a 'righty' or a 'lefty', this option allows you to position your appliance exactly how you want it, where you want it.
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel
    Stainless steel is available in many grades, but the GSP series uses top quality 316 grade which is ideally suited to outdoor areas with excellent corrosion resistant properties.
  • Reflective Stainless Steel Interior
    The interior uses polished stainless which has an attractive mirror finish, reflecting the bottles inside and adding a smart design flourish.
  • Strong Handles
    A full length stainless steel door handle is easy to grab and robust in construction. Stylish and effective.
  • Precision Control
    An Italian electronic controller regulates temperature with the precision necessary for professional standard food and drinks service. The user interface incorporates an ECO button and light switch behind an all-weather protective cover.
  • Low Energy LED Lighting
    LED lighting displays the contents with allure and clarity at the same time. An optional blue cover can be used to change the colour for designers who require a more subdued tone.
  • Toughened Safety Glass
    Two layers of toughened safety glass help to ensure that the glass is resistant to breakage. In the event of a major impact, the glass will shatter into safer squares rather than dangerous shards. This is critical for poolside or garden areas where children may be playing.
  • Door Locks
    A simple lock is fitted as standard.
  • Self Closing Doors
    The GSP series features smooth self-closing doors that save energy and keep the cold sealed in.
  • Front Venting
    The GSP Series is entirely front venting and as such can be fully built in. Cool air is drawn in through one side of the bottom grill and expelled from the other side by a powerful fan within the compressor compartment. A high efficiency heat exchanger dissipates the heat. Even in summer temperatures of up to 40℃, the Blastcool GSP series will cool to a refreshing 2℃. The 2018 range features quieter refrigeration.

This fridge has previously been on display at Cedar Nursery.