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Napoleon Oasis 200

Napoleon Oasis 200

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Please note that prices start from £3,258


Choose the modules that best fit your lifestyle and budget.

  • Choose a grill head
    • BILEX485
    • BILEX605
    • BIPRO500
    • BIPRO665
    • BIPRO825
  • Select the under grill cabinet for your grill head
  • Choose 2 further modules
    • IM-3DC Three Drawer Unit
    • IM-2DC Two Drawer UnitM
    • IM-WDC Waste Drawer Unit
    • IM-UDC Cabinet unit with reversible door
    • IM-UTC Propane tank holder

Additional required components

  • IM-CEP End panel x 2
  • IM-45T 45 degree transition X 2
  • IM-WSF Wall Spacer x 2 (if against a wall)

Add it all up or call for a price, and we'll calculate it for you.

Please note that prices do not include a worktop