Island Kitchen

An outdoor island is a smaller, more compact version of a complete custom outdoor kitchen.  Islands can still include everything you would ever need to cook delicious meals outdoors, but are more suited to smaller outdoor spaces, or for those who do not want a full outdoor kitchen but still want an outdoor entertainment unit.

Choosing prefabricated units rather than having a custom-designed outdoor kitchen cuts down on time and cost because the design work is already done for you. Choose from a variety of styles and finishes to create the outdoor kitchen that looks best with your existing space. And, whilst not designed to be moved on a regular basis, if you relocate, your kitchen can come too!

Bull, BeefEater, FESFOC, Profresco and Quan all offer island kitchens.


Bull pioneered the concept of outdoor barbecue islands, recognising the need for garden barbecue enthusiasts to bring their grilling talents to match those of professional chefs.  Offering a large range of components, Bull outdoor kitchen islands are perfect to gather friends and family around, whether you are cooking for them or simply just entertaining with drinks and snacks.
Simply choose: your preferred island base; your desired grill; any changes to cupboards and drawers then add any accessories; your choice of worktop and your selected base finish.  Ask us to price up your design.

The BeefEater Artisan series consists of an affordable attractive ready made outdoor kitchen module built around a concrete rendered aluminium frame with a reconstituted granite kitchen worktop.  The module is focused around a choice of 4 burner grills.  Doors are made from quality stainless steel with the option of adding a kitchen sink and fridge component.  The components are equipped with levelling feet which are adjustable by 50mm to accommodate variations in surfaces that they may be stood on.



As the leading distributor of FESFOC in the UK, we offer a range of stunning island units and modular components, suitable for both terraces and gardens, to support their range of grills.  Their avant-garde design is guaranteed to be the centre of attention of any outdoor space. They come in mobile, freestanding and fixed units and their sleek, elegant design makes them the perfect cooking partner for stylish chefs. With either stainless steel or cast iron grill options, these barbecues are resistant to oxidation and great for haute cuisine. They are also easy to clean and certain models can double as a stylish outdoor table when not in use. Made in Barcelona.

The beauty of Profresco Outdoor Kitchen systems is that they need no welding, cutting or bending. Once assembled, the modules are plum square and level every time. They provide a very solid platform in a very short lead time for assembly. There is no need for a crane and dolly, as any module weighs no more than approximately 18 kg.



Quan knows that burning wood is quite different to burning charcoal and so they spent a great deal of time engineering and testing their system to produce an efficient as well as stunning range of outdoor cooking products.  As part of their range, they offer a rolling kitchen.  The Quan Rolling Kitchen is ideal, consisting of a 1000x1000mm fireplace, space for food preparation with easy-clean granite worktop, a sink (which requires water connection), drawers for accessories and room for wood storage below the fireplace. Powered by wood, this clever design results in a more stable and efficient burning process, which causes less smoke to be given off.