Types of Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens can be fully integrated systems personalised to your requirements, using our very own professional design service. Alternatively, you can choose from a range of modular units, pre-configured with a combination of units to suit your wants and needs, or simply choose an island unit that arrives ready to install.  Kitchen in the Garden offers a complimentary kitchen design service full of creative design ideas, when you purchase the cooking equipment from us.


A custom built-in fitted outdoor kitchen offers integrated appliances, storage, and counter space, as well as the most flexibility in terms of matching the kitchen's materials and style to its surroundings. It is ideal for larger layouts or as part of a whole garden makeover. Innovative cooking appliances can be arranged according to your cooking style, taste & budget and our professional BBQ design team can create an outdoor kitchen that is truly your own, custom designed to suit you.



An outdoor island kitchen is usually a smaller, more compact version of a complete custom outdoor kitchen, with all the equipment coming from one manufacturer. Islands can still include everything you need to cook delicious meals outdoors, but are more suited to smaller outdoor spaces, or for those who do not want a full outdoor kitchen but still want an outdoor entertainment unit. Choosing prefabricated units rather than having a custom-designed outdoor kitchen cuts down on time and cost because the design work is already done for you. Brand options vary but you can choose from stacked stone, porcelain, tile or stucco to create the outdoor kitchen that looks best with your existing space. And, whilst not designed to be moved on a regular basis, if you relocate, your kitchen can come too.


Modular outdoor kitchens are surprisingly flexible and the perfect way to ensure getting all the functionality you want from your outdoor kitchen without having to get a bespoke design.

Choose your units, much as you would an indoor kitchen, and then select your components to create an outdoor space that suits your cooking and living style usually for a lower price than a bespoke design. If you want a flexible set up, movable units, greater economy, easy and fast assembly and short lead times, plus the ability to extend or enhance the kitchen at a later date, then a modular kitchen is the right choice for you.