Modular Kitchen

Modular outdoor kitchens are an easy and budget-friendly way to add a kitchen to your garden or patio. They can provide the flexibility and functionality you want without having to get a complete bespoke design.

Choose your units, in the way you would an indoor kitchen, and then select your components to create an outdoor space that suits your cooking and lifestyle. If you want a flexible set up, movable units, greater economy, easy and fast assembly and short lead times, plus the ability to extend or enhance the kitchen at a later date, then a modular kitchen is the right choice for you.

BeefEater, Kalamazoo, and Napoleon all offer modular kitchens.





You can create the outdoor kitchen of your desires with BeefEater’s modular kitchen range, the Discovery Series, which enables you to choose the key elements you need for luxury outdoor living. With a modular design to suit your layout, from L-shaped to straight line configurations, it’s an affordable dream and it’s all yours with BeefEater. Enjoy great performance every time with the Discovery Series of modular kitchens, which lets you add anything from drawers and cupboards, to a kitchen sink.

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet believe that the best meals are created outdoors. That's why they make the most high-performance and rugged equipment on earth - from grills that cook at 1,000oF to cabinetry that keeps contents clean and dry, no matter the weather. Each product is in a class of its own, creating flavours and experiences you won't find anywhere else.

The Napoleon OASIS Modular Island series is a flexible cooking solution. The modules come in 4 sizes with a wide range of components, for endless configuration possibilities. The islands come in a pre-built design for trouble free installation, with ‘knock-outs’ for easy electrical & gas piping installations. They can be installed as a standalone unit or against any non-combustible outdoor wall. Constructed from powder-coated galvanized steel with stainless steel drawers and doors for longevity.