Water & Chilling

Having the ability to keep drinks cold and easily available when you are enjoying your outdoor space is a wonderful bonus. The size and number of refrigeration and cooling options totally depends on how much you plan to store outdoors, your party size and how thirsty your guests get! Water bottles, soft drinks, beer or juice boxes can be conveniently located for you and your guests making it easier for everyone and preventing constant foot-traffic in and out of your house.

Having a sink with running water is key to convenient outdoor meal preparation and hygiene, especially when dealing with raw meat and fish. Why run back and forth indoors when you can have a sink installed next to your prep station for ease in clean up.

As a luxury addition, you can have a cocktail station for everything you need for an evening entertaining friends and family. Often integrated with a sink they are outfitted with useful elements such as ice bins, condiment cups, bottle wells and openers for complete convenience and extra functionality.



Designed for and tested in the harsh heat of the Australian climate, BeefEater's range of outdoor display fridges have the power to keep your drinks perfectly chilled on even the hottest days. Designed for outdoor use, the BeefEater cabinet has been tested to 43°C in the shade and has a 304 grade stainless steel finish.



​A Blastcool outdoor fridge is not only built to cool faster than a typical household indoor cabinet but more importantly than this, it must withstand wind, rain, tropical heat as well as winter freezing. With specifications that include 304 grade stainless steel, low energy LED lighting, toughened glass and self closing doors, Blastcool is a great choice.



Bull manufacture both kegorators and refrigerators allowing you to serve cold beverages on demand. The refrigerator also allows you to keep food cold and the stainless steel finish means it is perfect for your outdoor kitchen area.


The tap is one of the most constantly used items in your kitchen. So Franke place huge importance on creating products that stand the test of time and make your kitchen a more wonderful place to cook and entertain. Known for products that are durable, functional and of excellent quality, Franke's range of sinks and taps provide the perfect solution to your outdoor sanitary needs and requirements.



Lynx produce a range of accessories including sinks, taps, coolers and cocktail stations to complement their outdoor grills and storage units.



Napoleons Commercial Grade Outdoor Fridges provide the missing piece for the perfect outdoor kitchen. With a high grade, stainless-steel finish and glass front these fridges will fit perfectly in any outdoor space.