What type of outdoor kitchen is right for you?

Types of outdoor Kitchen


Versatile cooking carts in a choice of fuels. Choosing a cart means you have the flexibility to move your cooking area to different parts of your outdoor space. 

We offer a wide range of carts from brands including x, Y and Z, and you can choose the number of burners, griddles and other add ons, depending on your entertainment needs. Their "off the peg" design means you can be up and running with your outdoor cooking in no time at all!

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Modular outdoor kitchens are an easy and budget-friendly way to add a kitchen to your garden or patio. They can provide the flexibility and functionality you want without having to get a complete bespoke design.

Choose your units, in the way you would an indoor kitchen, and then select your components to create an outdoor space that suits your cooking and lifestyle. If you want a flexible set up, movable units, greater economy, easy and fast assembly and short lead times, plus the ability to extend or enhance the kitchen at a later date, then a modular kitchen is the right choice for you.

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Essentially, it's a kitchen without walls, with most of the amenities of the indoor type, but with the advantages of alfresco cooking. Having a custom, built-in fitted outdoor kitchen means you can have integrated appliances, storage, and counter space, as well as the most flexibility in terms of matching the kitchen's materials and style to its surroundings. It is ideal for larger layouts or as part of a whole garden makeover.

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