Blastcool Outdoor Fridge Triple

Blastcool Outdoor Fridge Triple

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The new Blastcool Extremis® XP Series range of outdoor food and beverage coolers is a series of professional grade appliances, specially designed for outdoor use. Whether it's a scorching summer's day or a frosty winter's morning, the Extremis® XP Series is engineered with energy efficient components to be operated outside all year round. Its advanced and specially formulated compressor lubricant mean that these outdoor fridges can cope with extreme temperature variations, having a powerful 43ºC rated refrigeration, whilst their aesthetic design makes an attractive addition to any outdoor kitchen project. Heated glass doors stop condensation in high humidity conditions whist marine grade stainless steel will retain its good looks for years to come.

Product Info

  • Outdoor Rated
    The Fridge can be left outdoors in rain or shine all year round. No cover necessary. Safety rated for use outside by independent certification agency, SGS. Ingree Protection rating 24.
  • Suitable for almost any climate
    Chills down to 2ºC in baking hot 43ºC summer temperatures and can withstand winter freezing winter temperatures as low as minus 25ºC. Heated doors, centre mullion and cabinet frame ensure that surfaces remain free from condensation.
  • Control Panel
    The temperature and defrosting is regulated automatically by the controller from Danish brand leader Danfoss Controls.
  • LED Lighting
    The user may select either white or blue interior lighting at the touch of a button. Full frame interior lighting displays the contents to best effect.
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel
    AISI 316 grade stainless is used for the exterior and 304 food grade is used on the interior. This is the ultimate combination for outdoor longevity.
  • Front Venting
    Build the XP Series in to your outdoor kitchen with narrow shut lines for a clean finish.
  • Energy Efficient
    A variable speed compressor and low energy fans combine to ensure that your outdoor cooler sips energy. An Eco mode can be selected for periods of non-use.
  • Sustainability
    A Refrigerant and insulation are both Zero ODP and Negligible GWP. The best solution currently available.
  • One piece door frames
    No ugly mitre joints at the corners to spoil the appearance and a high quality door seal. The glazing is toughened glass on all three panes for maximum safety.
  • Wine shelves optional
    Split level shelving with the option of wine shelves and movable bottle saddles.

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Features & Specifications

865mm (H) x 1350mm (W) x 500mm (D)  Bottles: 235