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Fontana Riviera Wood-Fired Oven

Fontana Riviera Wood-Fired Oven

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The dimensions of the cooking chamber in this Riviera allow the comfortable cooking of 4 pizzas or 4.5 kg of bread at a time. The high thickness stainless steel vault allows to reach the high temperatures necessary for the cooking of a real pizza. (In a very short time and with very little wood). Furthermore, the cooking surface of the Riviera has a 3 cm thick refractory material which is there for the slow and delicate release of the heat as per tradition.

The massive insulation in ceramic fibre and natural rock wool allow to keep the temperature for a long time. This reduces the wood consumption. The insulation at the base of the oven certainly allows its positioning even on delicate materials without any risk. The amazing piece of equipment has a lid, with a large viewing window of the oven for the most comfortable cooking of all dishes such as roasts, bread, desserts; the handles in anti-scald material, and the thermometer for the most precise control of the cooking temperature.






2 year warranty on the oven dome

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