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The importance of great outdoor kitchen design

The importance of outdoor kitchen design

An outdoor kitchen is a great investment if you want to extend your living space and maximise the use of your garden year round.

However, a quality outdoor kitchen is not cheap, so you want to ensure it is well designed to suit your needs and provide an entertaining space you'll be using for years to come.

Here are some key considerations for designing the perfect outdoor kitchen.

What type of outdoor kitchen?

The type of outdoor kitchen you choose will, to some extent, be dictated by the size of your garden and your budget.

A bespoke built-in outdoor kitchen gives you maximum flexibility to have the kitchen of your dreams. You can incorporate built-in appliances and choose finishes which compliment your garden landscape.

An island outdoor kitchen is a smaller, more compact version of a bespoke outdoor kitchen so is more suited to a smaller space.

Modular outdoor kitchens are a more budget friendly way to add a kitchen space to your garden or patio. Many brands offer a choice of modules so you can choose the elements you'd like in your kitchen. They are quicker to install and you can always add to them at a later date!

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What utility services will you need for your kitchen?

You are likely to need power for some elements of your outdoor kitchen, and if you'd like a sink, you will need a water supply and drainage. When you choose a BBQ or pizza oven you'll have the option of wood-fired, charcoal or gas so may need to consider a gas outlet. The further away from your house that the outdoor kitchen is situated, the more likely you'll need to re-route services.

What is the best material to use for an outdoor kitchen?

There are numerous options for materials but we advise that you are consistent with quality. If you are spending a large sum on a bespoke outdoor kitchen it is a false economy to install a cheap grill, since it will need replacing before the end of the kitchen's life.

All materials should be UV stable, Frost-proof and Heat Proof. 

If you live by the sea or locate a grill by a pool, stainless steel finishes are likely to become 'pitted' as the salt air or chlorine eats into the metal. A fabric cover for your grill and the use of conditioning cream will minimise this effect. Some brands offer marine-grade stainless steel which will be more suitable to this environment.

You can choose from a number of different worktop materials including Natural Stone, Porcelain, Concrete, Glass, Stainless steel and composites like DEKTON and Caesarstone. All of these are weatherproof and non-porous if sealed. You should generally avoid wood composites, laminates, acrylics, Corian and quartz.

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